Superior fire stop a putty like compound for electrical, plumbing and cabling holes.

Prevents fire and smoke penetration.

Class "A" Fire Stop Caulk for Penetration Holes.

APPLICATIONS: COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL AND RESIDENTIAL FIRE STOP, FIRE BLOCK Fire Rated Class "A". Specifically formulated for maximum protection. Acts as a heat and flame shield. One gallon and 5 gallon containers.

Used as a firestop for penetration holes for cabling, electrical, plumbing and other wall penetrations.

An exclusive formula, flame, heat and smoke inhibiting organic and in-organic compound putty like fire stop. An exclusive compound, putty, sealant and caulking material. A SUPERIOR GRADE. Fire Rated Class "A".

Specifically formulated for maximum protection against fire and smoke pass through. Any where penetration holes and cracks for fire safety is required.

INTERIOR applications, meets and exceeds the Class I, Class II, UL 1479, ASTM E-814, and NFPA 255 for surface burning characteristics for applied coatings.

Can be applied to porous and non-porous surfaces. For other uses contact your distributor or corporate office. A system to achieve 1 and 2 hour ratings.

Because it can be applied on most surfaces. FS-700™ solves many problems that must be addressed.

Application rates: 1/8 inch= 30 min., 1/4 inch=1 hour, 3/4 inch= up to (2) hour resistance. Tested by Universal Protective Technologies under direct flame 2000 degrees. UNIVERSAL FIRE-SHIELD™, UNIVERSAL PROTECTIVE TECHNOLOGIES are leaders dedicated to setting standards for Fire Prevention Applications through our on going research and development.

It is our resolve to educate and inform the public, architect, builder, fire officials.

UNIVERSAL FS-700™ A TRADE SECRET FORMULA - MSDS information:= This aqueous based resin compound mixed into other organic materials. Non toxic, Total Solids =89.1%, weight per gallon 9. I lbs., specific gravity = 1.33, PH factor =2.2-3.8, Flash Point=0, Non-flammable, Color =light. red , Volatility= no petroleum or asbestos, Fungus= anti-fungus, Bacteria=mildly resistant, Linear shrinkage=sleight, Moisture absorption=None, Corrosion=low, Preservative=excellent. These chemicals and compounds comply with all United States Federal Regulations. Meets or exceeds city, county and state codes. There are no EPA issues to date. No PBDE.

For Commercial, Industrial and Residential use.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Blended Compound, putty, sealant and caulking. For large and small commercial building applications. Can be applied by hand trowel, grout bag. Works like putty. Allow to cure 6 - 8 hours. Clean up as soon as possible, clean up equipment as soon as possible with water.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. If chemical gets into eyes wash out immediately flood with water. SAME PRECAUTIONS AS FOR ALL CHEMICALS AND PAINTS.

Sold in One gallon and Five gallon containers

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Manufactured and & Made in USA

Unishield International, LLC, Universal Fire Shield Eastern Division Plant

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Rev. 12/20/2014