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"When only the best is good enough."

  • FIRE KOTE 100

  • Superior Grade Heavy Duty

  • Best world wide.

  • The Nations number #1
  • For all unfinished wood surfaces requiring a Fire Rating of  Class A

  • Meeting today's National and Local Fire Codes. Ask about Flame Resistant Certification for your project.
  • The worlds best number one flame proofing agent and smoke inhibitor.

  • Lumber, processed wood, plywood, beams, hard woods, doors, decking, scaffolding, thatched roofs, straw, leaves and a host of other natural wood applications. Used as on-site spray or pressure impregnation. Call for specs and other information.

Now Improved with ZB


The Number One Flame Retardant Coating

Wood application flame spread= 25  Smoke Develop= 60

Surface burning characteristics...

ASTM E-84, NFPA 255, NFPA 703, UBC 42-1, ASTM E-108

(UL 723 (ASTM E84) and ULC S102.2 utilize the same basic Steiner Tunnel testing apparatus, see public information www.google.com.) Flash= 0

Recommended use:

FIRE KOTE 100 is a Superior Class A flame retardant fire inhibitor clear chemical coating.  One of the most powerful flame retardants world wide.

Used for exterior and interior applications. On-site spray on and for pressure impregnation. Excellent for timbers, lumber, plywoods, post, wood frames, electric poles, flooring, I beams, decking. soffits, thatched leaf roofs and straw. Soft and hard woods, wafer board, yellow pine and many more. Good for fiber containers.  Reduces ignition and smoke to save lives and property.

 Fire Kote 100 penetrates and leaves an invisible coating and penetrates, superior shielding action, an intumescent formula against fire and flame.  With-stands extreme weather and high heat. Unique "trade secret" formulation that out performs all others world wide.  All natural wood surfaces and many other materials. Forms an invisible barrier that inhibits ignition and flame spread, reduces smoke and no afterglow.  Creates a chemical change and acts as a wood preservative. Weather rated exposed up to 5 years, interior indefinite.

When Fire Kote 100 is applied to materials, it provides the best possible protection from fire and flame, mildew, insect repellant with no discoloration or odor after application.  

Fire Kote 100 is an exclusive water based liquid resin with no petroleum derivatives, no PBDE's. Safe non-toxic after application. Flame spread is less than 25 on most wood surfaces, reduces smoke by 70% and higher.  Also used for pressure impregnation.

Fire Kote 100 is a "heavy duty" spray-on coating for commercial projects and is easy to apply. It's non-flammable and preservative properties becomes part of the material.  Causes a chemical change in the wood surface restricting ignition and spread of fire. Also resists black mold, mildew and insects.


Coverage: 200 sq. ft. per gal.

Comes in 1, 5, and 55 gallon, 220 gallon tote containers.

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