and firewall protection.   
A Fire Retardant  & Fire Proof Coating a Thermal Insulator. (SRFM)

UNIFIREX F-10 Fire Proof Thermal Coating a Space Age Technology Since 2001


Now the number one fire retardant maker brings in a new class of fire retardant coatings with thermal protection

to meet the latest national fire codes for fire safety demands on metal, steel beams columns and assemblies.
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UNIFIREX F-10 Fire Proof Coating is manufactured in the USA. Helps meet MEA 411-03-M, ANS/UL 263, ASTM E119 and a host of assembly

designs see NFPA 251, UL 1709.

Test after test by Universal Protective Technologies Labs show UNIFIREX F-10 Thermal Coating; is a Class A Thermal Coating meeting Class 1 and 2 ratings meeting

National and International Codes. The most practical solution to insulating against heat and flame.

Better than fire rated gypsum board, better than any other spray on application of this type (SFRM).

Easier to handle, lighter weight and accessible where sheet rock is difficult to set. An exclusive organic and in-organic based thermal protection product.

Fire rated Gypsum board has a very small R value and its problem is heat transfer.

It can only withstand short term resistance and thermal conductivity is low. Unifirex F-10 on the other hand is a Spray on Fire Proofing Coating which when properly applied offers "Thermal Resistivity",

"Thermal Diffusion", and an Insulator from direct fire and heat. Being that Unifirex F-10 is not sold as a Insulation, but it does have insulation properties.

Depending on thickness applied, it is primarily rated in hours of fire resistance.

Exclusive intumescent flame retardant and curing agent combined with superior thermal insulation compounds provides the maximum fire and heat protection.

There is no other product like this one. (See Video below)

Developed for the building trade to assist in meeting National Fire Codes now in force.  UNIFIREX F-10  can help reach the 1 and 2 hour ratings and more that are required by code enforcement in most areas.

Steel beams, sheet metal, columns, purlins, decks, between floors and fire walls. 

This unique compound of in-organic and organic materials and fire retardant chemicals makes it the best thermal fire retardant coating and insulator ever produced. It has low odor, environmentally safe,
light weight and no problems with clean-up.  Cleans up with water and soap if needed.

Our exclusive formula with increased fire protection makes it the Number One fire proofing thermal coating. Excellent qualities for ceilings, walls and steel beams and columns. 
Can be applied on sheet rock, galvanized steal, iron, plywood and most all dry surfaces. Can also be used patch work where older coatings have chipped off.  
A textured finish application that can be left as is or can be painted after application. (Note if applied to wood surface you may be required to treat the wood first with flame retardant for wood such as
Wood Shield W-1000 or Fire Kote 100 a class A flame retardant for wood) Recommended for Commercial and Residential use.

APPLICATIONS: COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL AND RESIDENTIAL An exclusive formula flame and heat inhibiting mix and compound. A SUPERIOR GRADE.
Thermal Insulating Fire Proof Coating rated Class "A", Class I & 2. Specifically formulated for maximum protection on ceilings, walls, steel beams, columns and tank insulation
where high fire and heat resistance is required. INTERIOR applications, meets or exceeds the surface burning characteristics for applied coatings. Can be applied to porous and non-porous surfaces.
For other uses contact your distributor or our corporate office, 863-667-1805. A system to achieve 1 and 2 hour ratings and more. Because being a Spray-On Application it can be applied on most surfaces and in hard to reach areas, UNIFIREX F-10 solves many problems that must be addressed as a positive alternative to fire rated Gypsum.

Small Scale Demonstration

This product is sold as a dry mix compound in 31 lb. bags. For large and small projects a dry  mix with water and our exclusive "Curing Agent and fire retardant additives".
Spread rate:  Spread rate will depend on the measure of fire protection desired.  Example, Thickness 3/16" inch= 30 min.,3/8" inch=1 hour, 3/4" inch = 2 hour resistance. Spread rate 32 sq. ft. of material per 31 lb. bag of Unifirex F-10 dry mix= for 1 hour. Spread rate for 2 hours 23 sq. ft. per bag of  UNIFIREX F-10 dry mix. Remember this is surface area of the treatment.  These are approximate spread rates as there can be loss with over spray and thickness variances. ( See PDF file Technical Information below)

Applied by pump sprayers, a ceiling hopper for small areas, rotor pumps or plaster type texture pump machines, portable augers and insulation machines, simular to ceiling and wall textured compound applications.  Can also be applied by hand trowel for penetration holes as a fire stop.Tested to meet: Structural Steel Fireproofing Systems, products are tested to help meet ASTM E119, UL 263, UL 1479 and 1709 for interior structural fireproofing applications designs of structural steel members, decking, tanks and vessels.

Can also be used for on wood structures when wood has been fire treated with Wood Shield W-1000 or Fire Kote 100, helps meet ASTM-E 84, UL 1479, NFPA 255, UL 723, ASTM-E 84 burning brand ASTM-E 84 is similar test as UL 263.

Flame Spread=0
Smoke Develop=05

Resist black mold, mildew, fungi resistant. No solvents, halogens, asbestos or PBDE's

Unifirex F-10 has been applied in Hospitals, Agricultural Buildings, Air Ports, Mine Shafts, Elevator Shafts, Apartments, Warehouse, Hotels, Shopping Centers, High Rise Buildings, NY, NJ, CA, FL, GA, OR, WA, TX, SD, OK, VA, RH, CAN, Gov. Buidings and more. Small and large applications.  

Manufactured in USA by Universal Fire Shield Division.
UNIFIREX F-10 Fireproof Thermal Coating, Spray-on Insulation. (SRFM)




A Universal Fire Shield Product

Eastern USA Division and Canada  1 800-608-5699

Western US Div. California plant, 1-888-290-3853 

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Technical Information


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