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Hi,  I'm Dan Cherry founder of Universal Protective Technologies, Universal Fire-Shield Chemicals. Your interest in  fire prevention, fire safety and fire protection  is welcomed.  There is a great need today to meet National and soon International Fire Codes. There is an immediate need in today's building and manufacturing arena. It has opened up new markets for fire prevention and safety products.   Commercial, industrial and residential uses as well as wild land fire control are today in great demand.  We at Universal Fire Shield, LLC are helping to set standards and comply with fire codes world wide.  The market today is enormous and finding qualified distributors, dealers and applicators has become a challenge.  It is our endeavor to locate,  train and license individuals and corporations to help fill these needs.  If you are interested in this type of project call me personally at 1-800-608-5699,  or email info@universalfireshield.com    We have a quick start program to get our qualified applicants moving fast.  See examples below... easy, simple fast set up plans and training at a reasonable cost.  Universal Fire Shield, LLC is looking for long term relationships with individuals and private companies.  If this is of interest to you and you are wanting a solid career in an important industry come on board. Your new career will be interesting and rewarding.

(A)  Licensed Authorized Dealers and or Applicators (If available in your area or territory) A Licensed Authorized Dealer and or Applicator in the state, city or county as specified and applied for.  Authorized to sell all Universal Fire Shield Products and Applications. Applicators will be able to supply Certified Applications. Dealers are to receive License Certificate, Technical Manual with information on who to contact immediately. Brochures of all products, Sell sheets, CD Software for reprint brochures and technical information.  Assorted product samples for display and testing, each major chemical and a web site presence.   Dealer wholesale price list. Technical support.  (For limited time) One time License fee $

   For Cost your Area contact office License Division.

(B)  Licensed Authorized Distributor or Master Distributor. (If available in your area or territory) A Licensed Authorized Distributor in the State or Province where applied and approved.    Includes Authorized License Certificate, Certification of Application Forms, CD software print files, Sell Sheets, Technical Training Manual, Brochures, Newsletters, client referrals 24 hour Technical support.  A self replicating Web Site with Universal Fire-Shield, with 8 major search engines. All Master Distributors must warehouse and set up distribution center for state in the state and supply dealers, applicators and city and state needs. 

(A limited time offer) One time License fee $_____ contact office License Division for details.

(C)   Licensed Master Distributor International (If available)  A Licensed Master Distributor International, Includes  License Certificate, "Hands-on Training."  Quick start business package, 24 hour Support,  Brochures, Newsletters, qualifies for domestic and international trade where approved. A self replicating web site hosted by Universal Fire Shield, LLC.

Contact office License Division.

(D) License to Manufacture:   

License to Manufacture Universal Fire Shield Products,   Services, Applications and Devices.  Licensed applicants must be qualified, trained and approved by Universal Fire Shield, LLC  License to Manufacture...  Chemicals and marketing. (If available in your country area or territory)  Must have financial capability for distribution, warehousing, facilities for mixing plant and laboratory for testing.  License provides On-site setup and training,  Mixing Plant & factory setup,  Machinery installation,  Hands-on training, 24 hour Technical assistance, Training,  and Marketing guidance.    International web-site.  
 Cost: plus fees.

(Acknowledgment of Intent, Contract, Disclosures and Territories subject to approval and negotiation.)

Investor Opportunity

If you are looking for an investment with a positive return. We are building 4 new mixing plants around the USA. Limited Partnerships and other considerations. If this is of interest to you call for or e-mail info@universalfireshield.com


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