In the early 1980s there was little known about flame retardants.  Mr. Cherry personally met the inventors of a product who later got a TV show to demonstrate how a flame retardant product would work. It was amazing.  However no one would buy the product.  Lot's of interest but no buyers.

It took a long time to work with fire officials and agencies to get recognition  for such an innovation. Some individuals who saw the product tried to sell it it like another widget, some wanted to multi-level market the product, still others tried to get the Insurance agencies to insist on using such a product.  Most all of those failed.  But in the year 2000 our company was invited to the National Fire Protective Association for an International review.  After that show Local and National Fire Codes were past and flame retardants began to be recognized.  We were glad to be a part of that turn of recognition.


  Universal Protective Technologies with research and development since the early 1990's has made available through research, development and technology the worlds best  private formulas that has and is being used in many areas around the world today.   Homes and buildings that have wood in its structure should never become an inferno as in the past.  All wood type surfaces and structures can be effectivley protected.  Paper board for packaging can also be fire safe and most fabrics can also be treated to not catch fire or at least contribute to the fire process. Too, metal structures are subject to fire and heat so we developed with other companies to provide thermal fire proof coatings that are top of the line.

  Certified testing is one of the keys but field testing proves whether a product can sustain proof of reliability to providing the best possible protection.  Today's Fire Ratings and enforcement of fire codes are essential.  Our fire protection applications and techniques have been field tested and approved by major agencies and is the leader in fire retardant applications. Universal Fire Shield continues to innovate and work on better and improved applications. It is important to know that flame retardant formulas are different from company to company. A lot of offers are being made today with second rate retardant quality. Only companies that can back there products and guarantee quality should be considered. If they do not have a money back guarantee, what do you think? 


    It is our goal to provide the very best products and education, training and licensing to individuals and corporations to provide fire safety. To make available around the world qualified manufactures, distributors, dealers and applicators.  To continue to educate the public, city and state officials.   Fire safety is big business!  It's an important business!  Availability should be made to all.   This is an open market with high potential.   For more information contact our home office.


We have grown year by year and today we have brought forward our best products that have made us Number 1 in sales and service.

Unishield International, LLC and Universal Fire Shield Products, are presently made in the United States.

Our experienced staff is top of the line, and we are expanding our operations world wide. 

We are looking to become the largest flame retardant producer in the world. 

Thank you for taking the time to review our humble beginnings and may all our future building materials be fire safe.

The Staff

Universal Home